Groder - Schmuck


Good and motivated employees are the vehicle of success of every company. Use our contacts to optimize your operation. The entire staff comes from the EU and speaks German and/or English.

Proceeding of mediation/placement:

Please let us know via contact form which positions are required.
We contact our partners to search and place job advertisements in Austria and other member states of the EU and this is absolutely non-binding for you!
We offer free access to CV´s and video presentations of the candidates!
After reviewing the CV´s and video presentations, you can decide freely whether a paid collaboration with us is worthwhile.
Our network covers the entire EU area.

Costs and collaborations:

Groder - Schmuck & Partner complete the entire application process for you. We will send you the pre-selected staff.
The interviews are conducted by us according to your specifications and motivated candidates are selected.
Save time and be worry free!

1 gross monthly wage as agency fee

Carefree package

After reviewing the CVs and application videos provided free of charge, you can purchase the direct contact of the applicants.
10 direct contacts to conduct direct interviews with your chosen candidates (video chat), for 100 €.
You can choose yourself, who suits you!

1/2 gross monthly salary as agencyfee

Direct contact package

Take advantage of our premium membership. You will obtain all new arrivals directly after their registration.
Optimize your team constantly!
Free access to CV´s and video messages included.
You are always up to date!

800 € annual membership

Premium yearly membership